About us

Part of what makes Inscape unique is the people who work here, as we each bring something a little different to the project. All of us strive to do our best, to be engaged, to be kind and to be genuine. We do this work because we enjoy it. We like to help, to learn, to hang out, talk and play. And to sit on the edge of mystery, trying to find ourselves in a world that’s complicated and astounding. It’s a privilege to work at Inscape with one another, and to meet the many good-hearted, sensitive, amusing, complicated souls who travel through -- and to see them transform as the burden they arrive with starts to lighten a little, and their connection to the magic emerges.

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Carlos Alvear Lopez, m.d., Medical Director

Dr. Carlos graduated in 2001 from the School of Medicine at the University of Anahuac in Mexico, then received additional clinical training at Harvard University from 2001 to 2002. Since 2001 he has led a center of integral health in Malinalco, cultivating organic medicinal plants and refining them into herbal formulas. In 2012, Carlos co-founded a naturopathic model for neuroregeneration and neurotransmitter balance for treating and preventing ailments like depression, anxiety, insomnia and dementia. His practice incorporates medical models from around the world, among them Chinese medicine and shamanism. He has conducted workshops and consultations in Mexico, South Africa, Spain and Switzerland.


Pablo Alvear, M.D.

Dr. Pablo Alvear got his medical degree in Mexico City, then studied Chinese medicine at the College of Natural Medicine in Melbourne, Australia. He has a Certificate in Sports Medicine from the University of New South Whales in Sydney and studied Osteopathic Manipulation techniques at Victoria University in Melbourne. He runs SHEN CLINIC, an integrative medicine clinic in Toluca, and does treatments at Inscape that include acupuncture, NADA Protocol, Low Laser Therapy and Phytotherapy.  


Andres Limon, Manager

Andres has been a guide of some kind for over 20 years, beginning with ocean and land expeditions that helped him find his own healing from extreme migraines through contact with wild nature. While living on a small Mexican island in the Caribbean he met a traditional healer from the native Wixarika community who introduced him to the path of sacred plants and fire ceremonies. For the last ten years, he has been leading and supporting ceremonies within Native American traditions. “I believe we have a specific mission in this life. Once you find your own path and guidance, your dreams become part of your reality.”

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PETRA BAra, manager

After travelling through many countries, Petra found a connection to the world of plants while visiting the Canary Islands. Later, she started a small business making organic tobacco (a sacred plant in native cultures) and flower blends, which she personally uses in ceremonial settings. She has done ceremonial work since 2008, and feels fulfilled working in a natural setting while applying her unique methods and sprightly energy to the care and cultivation of different plant species.

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Joe rosenheim, Ambassador

After being addicted to opiates for more than a decade, Joe underwent ibogaine treatment in central Mexico in January 2016. He stayed in Mexico and for two years was a counselor with Living Clean Ibogaine. Joe grew up in San Francisco and worked as a journalist in different parts of California, along with jobs as a waiter and criminal defense paralegal. Before arriving in Mexico he was homeless for two years, and he is thankful his family helped him to transition out. He enjoys his role as a counselor and ambassador for the program, and also ping pong and short stories.


Camy Lazaro, LPC, psychologist

Camy grew up in Spain and has a bachelor’s degree in clinical psychology from Pontificia de Comillas and a master’s in gestalt therapy from Universidad Autonoma de Madrid.  In 2009, she was the principal psychologist at the Institute of Applied Amazonian Ethnopsychology, an addiction treatment center in Brazil. She also spent four years as a researcher and psychologist studying the therapeutic use of DMT under psychiatrist Jose Maria Fabregas. She has worked extensively with conditions that include drug addiction, grief, PTSD, HIV and anorexia, and currently has a private practice of gestalt therapy in Tepoztlan.



Ivan Gonzalez, psychotherapist

Ivan has a degree in communications with a minor in psychology, and was certified a yoga and meditation instructor by the Yasodhara Ashram in Canada. Since 2003, he has practiced Janzu, a technique of mind-body psychotherapy that uses water massage. Also since 2003, he has been studying Native traditional medicine -- participating in vision quests, guiding sweat lodge ceremonies, and studying herbalism. He is currently doing holotropic breathwork training with Dr. Stanislav Grof, exploring this technology for accessing the unconscious. For three years, Ivan has been applying his therapeutic tools to addiction treatment, helping to bridge western psychotherapy and native traditional medicine.

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David Wagner, brain trust

David aspired to grad school after getting a college degree in cognitive sciences, but a 15-year addiction to prescription pills changed his path. David finally got clean through traditional recovery groups and worked to establish a successful clinical laboratory in Wisconsin. However, a chronic pain condition lead him back to opiates. He received ibogaine treatment in early 2017 and the combination of ibogaine, other plant remedies and lifestyle changes not only broke his dependence but dramatically improved his chronic pain. Dave remains a partner with his laboratory business and enjoys working with addicted people and spending time with his family.



Ximena camou Guerrero, art instructor

Ximena is a teacher, choreographer and community organizer from Chihuahua, Mexico. For three years she was the artistic director for the art and music festival, Nigan Tonogue, in Veracruz. She is the founder and lead director of Recorrido al Mictlan, an art, music and performance festival that celebrates Day of the Dead in Malinalco. She works as the operational coordinator of Imaginalco, a Malinalco organization that supports at-risk youth through leadership roles and the arts. Ximena spent 10 years in the United States and majored in music at the University of the District of Columbia.  

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DEVA UDDIPo, chi kung instructor 

Uddipo has been practicing martial arts since 1973. He was certified a chi kung instructor in 1980 by the Mexico branch of the Shaolin Temple -- learning from the shaolin warrior monk Shi Yang Min (who founded the first Shaolin Temple in North America) and renown martial artist Yang Jun. He is also a graduate of the International Wing Chun Martial Art Association, and is a highly-trained masseuse and acupuncturist, with 35 years of studying body therapy and bioenergetics.


Cecilia Molina, somatics instructor

Cecilia's classes emphasize body sensations, creative movements, challenges of mind/body coordination and riddles. She graduated with a degree in dance therapy and choreography from Centro Universitario de la Danza in Mexico City, and is a trained craniosacral therapist and ayurvedic technician. Cecilia’s experiences leading yoga sessions with children led her to study neurodevelopment and the relationship between movement and learning processes, which became her focus working with the Therapeutic and Diagnostic Neuropsychology Clinic in Mexico City. She is currently a yoga instructor and ayurvedic technician at Purusha Ayurveda, in Malinalco.


Melania Moctezuma Chacòn, yoga instructor

Mel has been studying and practicing yoga since 2000, and was certified a yoga instructor in 2010. Her teaching style is based mostly on Hatha Yoga, holding longer postures and becoming aware of breath and body sensations, as well as emotions. She encourages students to let the body be the guide of the practice, helping participants find through bodily experience the door to self-awareness and enjoyment of the present.