Many of our patients arrive through the help of family or friends, but it is important that the participant himself/herself is motivated and committed to the work of a life change. Please be sure that the decision to come is yours and not the result of outside pressure.

While new patients do receive some measure of medical care, we are neither a detox nor a hospital. We do not accept patients who are acutely detoxing from substances like opiates, alcohol or benzodiazepines; for those seeking treatment for substance addiction, it is necessary to undergo either ibogaine treatment or another form of detox beforehand. We highly recommend ibogaine, especially for opiate addiction, and are happy to recommend one of several professional and reasonably priced ibogaine providers with whom we have worked.

If you are interested in the program, please visit the website’s “Apply” section and fill out the application. Admission to the program is contingent on the application and an interview via Skype with the medical director.

Please write or call with any questions!