make a plan

It is essential that participants have a clear and thorough transition plan when they leave Inscape. Before you transition out, our counselors will work with you to craft an individually-tailored plan to help make the passage as smooth and stable as possible -- including arrangements for continued medicine work (here and/or elsewhere) and other support structures. And while we are not job counselors, we do help each participant to explore life goals and craft (when applicable) a reasonable timetable around returning to school and/or full- or part-time work. Such timetables vary depending on participant needs and circumstances, though we generally suggest that participants who do not have an existing job make continued self-care their highest priority, followed when they are ready by career considerations.



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Work Service at Inscape

For participants of the program who thrive at Inscape and wish to stay on, we selectively offer internships of three months' duration -- during which participants can continue to avail themselves of the program’s offerings, while also providing a work service. Residents stay at a highly reduced rate and provide services to the program that include farm help, oversight of activities and administrative input. We emphasize that interns are not merely asked to be laborers, but collaborators and thinkers who help to shape the program’s environment. It has been and continues to be our aim that graduates stay connected with the program as much as possible -- both for their own continued support, and as contributors to the space. The combination of our unique energies is the essence of the project!

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