ibogaine aftercare


Western and eastern medical doctors

Doctor Appointments

Weekly doctor appointments with Dr. Carlos Alvear Lopez or Dr. Pablo Alvear Lopez, both western-educated doctors also trained in eastern medical traditions. Sessions include physical and psychological health assessments, acupuncture and other body work, and phytotherapeutic treatments (plant-derived medicines for improving neurotransmission and body regulation) based on neurotransmitter test.

ayahuasca rehab

medicine ceremonies

Medicine ceremonies with sacred plants for psychological healing, personal growth and spiritual exploration.

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Two sessions per week of individual psychotherapy, and two sessions per week of group therapy.

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Biweekly temazcal, or Native American sweat lodge.

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Janzu Water Therapy

A guided body therapy in warm water that releases physical and emotional blockages, increases energy and can unlock old memories.

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Daily classes in yoga and meditation, and additional classes in art, chi kung and horseback riding. Weekly seminar on exploring addiction.

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Occupational Therapy

Work in the activities of the center, guided by our experts in each area and open to the creative contributions of participants. Tasks are tailored to the interests of the participants, and include permaculture, laboratory work, herbal medicine preparation, cooking, maintenance, painting and design.

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therapeutic TECHNOLOGIES

Unrestricted use of our on-site wellness technologies -- including sensory deprivation tank, jade massage bed, heatable inversion table and orgone meditation chamber.

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Weekly outings to Malinalco, the idyllic local  ́Pueblo Magico, ́ plus mountain hikes and swimming.

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Three healthy meals per day. All of our food is locally sourced, including the fully organic fruits, vegetables, honey and chicken eggs supplied by our ranch.

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