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At Inscape Recovery, we like to say we treat the person, not the addiction.

That is to say, while not ignoring the matter of addiction (in fact it is an interesting subject to which we devote considerable attention), we are principally interested in guiding each participant through a very individual process of self-discovery. This means exploring and facing our emotional conflicts, working to clear the behavioral patterns that sustain them and striving to connect more deeply and authentically with our true feelings.

This is a process that can also be applied to the treatment of depression, anxiety, or any conflict of the psyche or personality even when an obvious addiction or compulsion isn’t outwardly present - in each case, we are working to create new feelings, points of view and, biologically-speaking, neural pathways that replace the cyclical patterns of addiction and emotional stagnation. At Inscape we work with the following:

  • Substance abuse or addiction (alcohol and drugs), and ibogaine aftercare

  • Other behavioral addictions, such as technology addiction, gambling addiction, sex addiction, work addiction, overeating, bulimia and anorexia

  • Depression, anxiety, obsessiveness and other psychological issues

  • Mind/body reparation and recovery from long-term use of antidepressants or other prescribed medications

  • Recovery reinforcement (for those with significant clean time who feel stuck or who wish to deepen their process of healing and growth)