you can have an addiction but it is not you.

For many of us, addiction is an important part of our history, but it need not define us. By consciously exploring our physical and psychic depths, we can start to disidentify with the persistent (and often unconscious) energetic patterns that keep us stuck. We begin to develop a deeper self-awareness and understanding, to build self-esteem, and to re-incorporate those facets of personality that addiction wears down: our capacity for engagement, curiosity, and expansion. We also open the door to healthy habits, peace of mind, and new avenues of opportunity.

Addictions are often intensely burdensome, though, conversely, they may also contain hidden blessings. It is through addiction that we come to engage in the kind of honest soul-searching that eludes many people, developing empathy, self-compassion and deep reservoirs of wisdom. Our aim is that participants come to see their history of addiction as an important, even necessary, part of their development, though also as the gateway to a new life.