beyond addiction

While not rejecting the ideas of traditional models, we strive to be a more encompassing and life-affirming alternative to conventional addiction treatment.

Our methods focus less on the problems of drugs and alcohol per se, and more on the deeper psychological and spiritual interruptions that give rise to addictions of all types. It is through a deep inner exploration, combined with changes to habits and lifestyle, that we identify and break the energetic patterns that veil our purer instincts.

Our process is centered on the goal of self-discovery, or clear recognition of the basis for -- and connections between -- our emotions, beliefs and patterns of conduct. When we become conscious of these patterns, and cease to identify them as the larger reality of everything, we create space for making more constructive choices and developing the full personality. The second thing our program does is to provide a package of activities that dovetails with this psychic opening, giving participants the opportunity to explore themselves and their surroundings in fun, challenging and thought-provoking ways. Especially combined with ibogaine and other plant medicines that promote neuroplasticity, these processes lead us to freshly enriched ways of thinking and living.

Our program uses a holistic approach aimed at cultivating what we refer to as “wellness” -- or the interconnected components of physical and psychic health. The aim of our program is not just a temporary reprieve from craving but a whole and enduring sense of well-being, achieved through physical vigor, increased self-awareness and a deeper engagement with the world. In short, we aim to make natural living a more deeply felt and joyful endeavour.

The caveat is that effective treatment requires intensive work, and a willingness by participants to push the boundaries of their comfort zone. We are not here to convince anyone to change, but to open the gates of possibility for those who seek another way (even if they are unconvinced about how or if they might find it). What is necessary is an openness to trying a new path, and a commitment to the work of making it come alive. This process is at once difficult, rewarding and fun!