alternative rehab

Inscape is an holistic addiction treatment and ibogaine aftercare program in Mexico that combines indigenous plant medicines with naturopathic treatments, phytotherapy and intensive psychotherapy. We treat a range of addiction/compulsive and emotional disorders, though the majority of our participants have experienced substance addictions.

Our staff is led by the landowner Dr. Carlos Alvear Lopez M.D, a western-educated doctor who also specializes in eastern medicine and homeopathy. The staff also includes a licensed psychologist, traditional plant medicine guide and an outstanding group of local instructors for classes in yoga, permaculture, art, chi gong, and music. We operate in a close-knit setting (we take no more than seven participants at a time) which emphasizes both group cohesion and high levels of individual care.

Our location is a lush, six-acre permaculture and eco-retreat center in subtropical Mexico. We are just outside the picturesque town of Malinalco, about two-and-a-half hours southwest of Mexico City.

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medicine work

One of our most important tools is the use of medicine ceremonies with sacred plants, which help us to reach places within our consciousness that might otherwise seem remote or inaccessible. Medicine journeys are not a panacea, but rather a crucial foundation from which to build. Sacred plants can provide deep insights about mental and behavioral patterns, reveal to us a sense of purpose or direction, and connect us with the magic of the world. Yet, their long-term effectiveness often depends on integration, or the use of professional counseling and other therapies that maximize the journey’s effectiveness and durability. Here is where our program’s many facets work harmoniously together, combining sacred plants with therapies that promote self-knowledge, healing and enrichment.

ibogaine aftercare program - ceremony room