Holistic Rehab at Inscape Recovery

Traditional Western vs Holistic Rehab

Traditional addiction rehabs have long been based in the 12-step approaches of alcoholics and narcotics anonymous, yet such channels, while effective for some, are not a good fit for every person. For some people, the methods of 12-step do not resonate in any significant way, and may even feel off-putting; among those who are attracted to the 12-step method, many have trouble sticking with the process long enough to reach a place of stability.

Holistic Rehab at Inscape Recovery

At Inscape, we use an holistic model of addiction recovery not because we are convinced that any single alternative is “better” than an avenue like Alcoholics Anonymous — in fact, we fully support 12-step recovery for those who feel inclined to pursue it, as some of us have used that model and experienced its benefits. Rather, the principle reason we work with a holistic model is to address the matter of addiction more thoroughly, using a range of therapies and launching a broader exploration of life that encourages each individual to find their own path. As much as possible, we want participants to feel healthy, stimulated and inspired to do their own seeking, rather than being told that the answer is one thing or another and that’s that.

What Inscape offers…

When the average person shows up for treatment, he/she is hardwired by years of addiction to think, feel and act in certain ways that are deeply ingrained. It's the broader, energetic patterns of addiction that have to be interrupted, and that's where Inscape’s holistic model comes in. We want participants to avoid any obvious swapping of addictions; instead, everything is geared toward a general increase in well-being, no shortcuts. Addiction involves trying to find satisfaction in a single thing. The best remedy seems to be substituting not a different thing but, as much as possible, the "whole thing."

Part of unwinding one’s patterns involves targeting them directly through dietary changes, supplements, exercise and a range of activities designed to stimulate mind and body. To assist this process, we examine ourselves and the broader issue of making conscious choices through psychotherapy and our series on exploring addiction. Also, we offer ceremonies with sacred plants, by far one of the most effective ways to interrupt and redirect the tight mental patterns that feed addictions. Sacred plants take us to the deep and fascinating reaches of our own consciousness, showing us where we’re stuck, revealing new ways to live, and helping us connect with the magic of life.